My name is Angie Besko and I’m the creator of A Taste of Wholesome. I’m a Wife, Mother of two, Certified Pediatric Registered Nurse and Nutrition/ Health expert.

I have spent the last 9 years researching the World of Nutrition and learning new things everyday! I’m excited to share my knowledge of health and recipes with all of you! My recipes are all gluten free and made with minimally processed ingredients. Some are paleo, some keto, some grain free but all are gluten free. I feel the most important things when it comes to cooking are to cook with real Whole Foods, be gluten free and buy organic when ever possible.

My journey began back in 2013. My husband began to struggle with his health. He had lost nearly 30 pounds. He underwent many tests, one of which was for Celiac disease which came back negative. His Doctor wanted to diagnose him with Crohn’s disease but he wasn’t entirely sure of the diagnosis. He told us we could do an elimination diet but that was his only other recommendation. At that time I didn’t believe in the power of food and it’s healing power. In desperation, I began my search for something that would help him. I decided I wasn’t going to sit back and just watch him get worse I had to do my own research. During my search, I read a number of books on nutrition and the gluten free lifestyle. One of the books was Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis. I was hopeful this would be the answer to bring his health back. After 3 months of following a gluten-free diet and cutting out processed foods and refined grains his health returned. It was amazing and such an eye opening experience that food is the most powerful medicine!!

My husband wasn’t the only one who saw amazing changes in health. I lost 20 pounds following a grain free low carb lifestyle, which I had been struggling to lose since the birth of my son in 2011. It was also at this time that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This lifestyle has helped me gain control of my weight and my autoimmune disease.

It has become my passion and mission to help others through sharing my recipes and knowledge about health, and hopefully be an inspiration for others who may be seeking the same answers we once were.

Let food be thy medicine.Hippocrates

The Best in health,

Angie 😊

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