No Bake Cheesecake Dessert

I LOVE CHEESECAKE! One of the first recipes I created when I started eating low carb and grain free, was this cheesecake. I wanted to create something I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating and that it would taste amazing at the same time. I can say this Dessert is just that. In fact, this Dessert… Continue reading No Bake Cheesecake Dessert


Healthy Chocolate Muffins

When the kids got home from their first day of school yesterday I decided we would bake something yummy together. They just love being in the kitchen with me, especially my daughter Brooke. She loves to stir and taste everything! When I told them we were going to make these muffins their eyes lit up! These… Continue reading Healthy Chocolate Muffins


Autoimmune Disease? Tips on Prevention and Healing

Author: Angie Besko BSN, RN, While working as a Certified Pediatric Registered Nurse at the Children’s Hospital the last 12 years on a general medical surgical unit, I saw many children suffering from autoimmune disease. It broke my heart to  see these children so sick at such a young age. It’s just not fair to have to think about being… Continue reading Autoimmune Disease? Tips on Prevention and Healing

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Honey Sriracha Glazed Salmon with Seared Oranges

We have a little Thai restaurant near our house that we go to every so often and I was craving it last night. Oh yeah and I’m a huge Sriracha fan! I was planning on making salmon yesterday so this recipe is what I came up with and it was a success! The heat from the Sriracha is calmed by… Continue reading Honey Sriracha Glazed Salmon with Seared Oranges


Easy Grain-Free Blender Pancakes

I’m pretty excited about these pancakes! Not only are they yummy but they are good for you too. Normally you think of a pancake as an indulgence, or something you can only have once in a while. The great thing about this recipe is that you feel like you’re indulging but you are nourishing your body… Continue reading Easy Grain-Free Blender Pancakes


Spicy Sweet Potato Eggs Benedict

This is one of my favorite Saturday morning breakfast creations ( Dave likes it too). The bread in regular Eggs Benedict is replaced with sweet potatoes and I must say, you won’t miss the bread! The spiciness of the cayenne and jalapeno really make this dish unique. This dish is bursting with unforgettable flavors and every bite… Continue reading Spicy Sweet Potato Eggs Benedict


Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee? You may be asking yourself right now, what is that? Let me explain. This is my favorite way to drink my coffee! In fact, I’m addicted! That’s ok though because there is wonderful health benefits to come along with this not so average cup of joe. I am not the inventor of this recipe though,… Continue reading Bulletproof coffee