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The Best Almond flour Cheddar Biscuits

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I was on Instagram the other day and saw this low carb biscuit recipe someone had posted from the website and they looked so good! I wish I could take credit for this recipe but I can’t. This one was just too good not to share with all of you! I have tried many different low carb and grain free biscuit recipes but none of them had a true biscuit texture. I promise I will not share a recipe on my blog if it doesn’t taste as good or better than wheat versions. This version is so incredibly flaky and buttery and if you served them at a dinner party no one would know a difference. I promise!

One of my favorite things I use to eat when I ate grains was a sausage biscuit from McDonald’s. Don’t lie, you know you like them too! As you can see in the picture I have featured below, that’s exactly what I made with these biscuits and I could hardly keep from dancing around while I ate it. I’m serious! These will definitely be a go to recipe at my house! My search is now over for a good grain free biscuit. Now hurry to the store and make these for dinner!

For the FULL recipe click here.

sausage biscuit
Get ready, Get set, Go!


biscuit eaten
Do you hear Angels singing?



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